Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Got Lucky This Year

This squash plant volunteered to grow in my garden.

This mystery squash is about 2 inches long right now
Growing two gardens is time consuming and so The Putterer only gets to post on occasion this summer. Yesterday at the Fenton Street Community Garden late in the afternoon after the temperature had dipped from something around 100 degrees to something in the 90s, I spent some time watering my plants. Each bucket of water was infused with some fish fertilizer. I am hoping that the fertilizer will give my poor plants enough nutrition to hold strong through this incredible heat wave and drought period.

I was alone in the garden on Saturday night and so I took a stroll around the place to admire everyone's incredible handiworks. It's truly amazing how in just a few short months a parking lot has become a little piece of heaven. I guess I got lucky when I signed up for my plot. And speaking of luck, growing in my plot is a wonderful squash plant that grew out of a seed that must have been tossed into the compost pile and survived the heat of the pile. I don't know what it is, but if it survives the nasty little squash bugs that ate my other squash plant, I might have some late fall squash to harvest. Here are some photos from the Fenton Street Community Garden.