Saturday, March 7, 2009

White Sofa and a Cup of Coffee

I'm snuggled into my comfy, white sofa. A great cup of coffee warms my hands. Gardening magazines are all around me and I'm content. Work went well this week. I was a production machine whirring my way through the days. Now, Saturday looms large. I have multitudes of chores to do and many options. All good. Last night, a great "Friday Night," at K and Rs, though a guest was there, H, who wasn't one of my favorites. Enough said.

Today, in the garden, I have numerous options. I should continue doing clean up and pruning. Mom's Garden and the Kitchen Garden both need it bad. And the bushes out front, the Cherry Laurel and the Nandina need to be pruned. I have to finish cutting back the liriope. And it would be a great weekend to slap some paint on the white fence. I could also begin taking the pachysandra out.

But, I need a haircut. I simply must go for a run. I need to get to the jeweler and pick up my ring and my necklace. And, of course, softball practice begins today. P has to be at the field by 9:45. Just an hour away and she's completely sound to sleep.

I think I'll pour myself another cup of coffee, breathe deeply, and enjoy the peace of the morning because it's going to be a full day, I think. The Putterer

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