Friday, July 10, 2009

Reaping the Rewards or Just Getting Lazy?

Now we enter the lazy weeks when the garden delivers. This is the point at which, all the putterer does is mow, clip back and enjoy. Either that, or she's just lazy. Because out there twisting their way around the ferns and the hydrangeas and Aunt Rhody are the invasive morning glory vines and all the other derelicts who want to suck the life out of the soil and strangle the plants. But heading out to untangle their grasp on the plant stems and pull on their lengthy vines just seems too tedious a task, especially in the late summer sun. So it's tempting to look past all that and just settle into the chair and read and relax.

But summer weather, this week, has been a strange cool, low humidity phenomena. In all the many yeaars that I've spent in Washington, DC, I have never experienced a more pleasant July. Windows open. Cool breeze. Even chilly at night. A perfect way to enter into the weekend, which unfortunately is supposed to be just a bit more humid. But, I think all day tomorrow, after a run to warm up my muscles, I'll head out to the garden. I want to add a few annuals in places that look bare. I want to plant a few things in the farmers box to harvest later this fall. I want to clip the tops off of the wild yellow asters that are climbing up the back slope. And then when it's all done and the business of the garden chores are complete, I want to collapse in my chair and wait for the most anticipated moment of the day--my daughter comes home! The Putterer

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