Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Bumblebee Bumbles into My Ear

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than welcoming the visitors that come to my garden. Perhaps they aren't even visitors, a few might be calling this place home. Witness the bumblebee that my daughter P photographed as it sipped nectar from one of my Phlox Veronicas. I've had many bumblebees this summer. They arrived in early spring and multiplied in late April when the azaleas bloomed. One even gently whispered to me in my ear one day. I was sitting in my chair completely relaxed. Enough so that if a bumblebee should happen to fly into my ear that I wouldn't even flinch. The one that did just for a fleeting second tickled and tumbled around there in a manner so gentle I felt he'd come by to thank me for making him such a lovely place to find his daily feast.

This weekend, I finally had the time to do the yard work after three weeks of neglect. I mowed and clipped and weed-wacked until my wacker ran itself out of plastic string. The heat started to build and I just couldn't get to the back yard garden. But there it all looks relatively fine. I stopped in there yesterday morning before work and watered and yanked out a few weeds. We've started harvesting our tomatoes. The first one came last week. And I've since pulled about half a dozen more. They are absolutely delicious and fortunately did not suffer this horrible tomato blight that is plaguing the Northeast. The garden that I planted close to Cherie's yard is making a fine first-year attempt, but I bet by its second season, it will do the job that I planted it to do. The mosquitoes, little ornery guys, are in full force. Five of them to a leg. It's quite annoying. The little sweet peppers have grown so large, that they pulled the entire plant over. And sadly, the lettuce that I planted two weeks ago refused to come in. It must have known that we still had hot, nasty days to come. I'll plant another row in a week or so. The Putterer

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