Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowing Again

It snowed today. More snow than anyone had predicted. We're up to six inches on the back deck and it's still coming down. And no plow came to dig us out, so all plans canceled.

Weather be damned, however, I was bent on my plan today to order my plants for next year's garden.

And though I've been making lists and then paring them, studying varieties, researching histories and trying to figure what I can afford and what I have room for, I had somehow hoped I might tame my overzealous temperament when it came to picking and choosing what I would buy. Not so. I went crazy like never before. Once again, I'll be overwhelmed when the plants arrive come April.

The list as follows: Mara des Bois Strawberries; patio tomato plants; collections of potatoes; herbs and heirloom tomatoes; Italian purple garlic; dusky eggplant, a lettuce mix; goldbar squash and marketmore 76 cucumber. For the deck, I bought two more fruit trees: a citrus lemon 'meyer improved' and a ficus negronne (fig). The Putterer

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