Monday, February 20, 2012

Gazing Ball

My gazing ball perfectly matches the purple crocus.

Spring has come super early this year to my garden thanks to global climate change. Last year for Presidents Day weekend, I was dealing with the after effects of a bad snow storm and cleaning up the mess when a number of my trees were crushed under the heavy snow of a late January storm. In 2011, snow was still on the ground, but in 2010, the crocus were not in bloom until almost a full two weeks later into March.

I'm not complaining today because I had the most wonderful weekend cleaning out the winter mess and planning for all the new plantings that I'm going to add to all the opportune locations that my fence is now offering. I've got an assortment of foundation plantings on order at Wayside from native plants like Kalmia and fothergilla to a host of wonderful roses that I hope one day will grow like crazy all over the fence and make a beautiful scene and scent for anyone coming into my garden.

My hands are crackling with dry skin now and my eyes are sleepy with allergens, but it was all well worth it. I am one happy Putterer. The Putterer

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