Sunday, March 11, 2012


My new path.

What else to do on a beautiful Saturday but put in a path. Actually, I did more than that and for that reason, I can barely move my fingers to type this morning. My fingers are connected to the tendons in my biceps and triceps, which are sending sensory snips down to the tips of my toes, but today the garden beckons. I've got more hard landscaping to do. I need to buy more mulch and continue the job of newspapering and mulching the area along the new fence to keep weeds from coming in.

Newspapered and mulched.

I also want to bring all my seedlings out and let them harden off. I wish I could plant them today, but they need about seven days of acclimation. Still,I bought some arugula seed that I'm going to sow and I've got four broccoli plants that I bought at Whole Foods and that can go in. I've already got brussel sprouts and red cabbage growing. I also want to seed the grassy areas with a mixture of clover and grass. And all of this with an hour lost to daylight savings. Never mind the newspaper that needs to be read and the grocery shopping that needs to be accomplished. Life is good. The Putterer

My potting bench.

My new composter.

Another view of the path.

Chives, cabbage, brussel sprouts.


  1. Let us know how the new composer works out. Thinking of getting one here