Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Flags are Flying: Iris Sibirica

You can't go wrong with Iris Sibirica. These white and blues I planted in 2007 from mail order supplier Bluestone Perennials and this morning, Claire and I went out to the garden with our coffee and sat within feet of these beauties.

Delicate. They look almost as if someone folded them origami style from a piece of paper. They sit atop strong stems and their delicate skirts are each patterned with a hint of yellow (the whites) and purple (the blues). There are some 300 varieties of iris and most people grow beardeds, Japanese and Sibirica. The beardeds are also in bloom guarding my front fence like the sturdy, good soldiers they are.

Today, with Claire home, I wanted to spend just a small amount of time gardening so that I could be with her for most of the day. (We went out for a run together this morning and she reported that I "kicked her butt." Go 49-year-old Mom!) So I did very little yard work, a little trimming and some weed wacking, but I got my seeds planted. Put in some Zinnias in rows at the back of the vegetable garden. Behind those, I put in four seeds that will hopefully sprout to those wonderful tall sunflowers. I've rarely been successful at growing those easy weeds, so fingers crossed. I also laid in some nasturtium all around the vegetable box and I put in a row of radishes in the lasagna garden.

No sightings of any toads. I bet for all the tadpole rearing, any of my little guys survived. Sniff. The Putterer

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