Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mouse & Trowel Awards: Garden Putter is a Finalist!

The Putterer is pretty pumped up today. She just got news that Garden Putter is a finalist in the 2010 Mouse & Trowel awards! Now, that is news to make a garden blogger's day.

Lest I forget to tell you, click here to vote.

And here without further ado, is just what you need to know about the awards.

The Mouse & Trowel Awards were founded by garden blogger and writer Colleen Vanderlinden in 2007 to draw attention to the hard work that gardenbloggers put into their blogs and to earn them some well-deserved recognition. Soon dubbed “The Mousies” by the garden blogging community, the awards have been covered in the Detroit Free Press, and on several blogs and websites.
“Think of it as the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ of the dirty hand set.” — Shirley Bovshow, garden designer, writer, speaker, and creator of Shirley Bovshow’s Garden World Report
Honoring garden blogs in a variety of categories including “Best Photography” and “Best Writing,” the awards try to bring attention to all of the effort that goes into our quirky but ever-growing niche. After all, we don’t just blog — we have to grow the gardens, too!
“… the Oscars of the garden blog world…” — Fran Sorin, garden designer, writer, and blogger at Gardening Gone Wild
The 2008 Mousie awards drew over 500 votes in the final round of voting — amazing considering that there were only ten categories of awards. This year’s Mousies will build on our prior success, but also take advantage of something we didn’t have back in 2008 — social media. With associated Twitter and Facebook fan pages, we’re going to make it even easier to spread the word about both the nomination and voting phase — even allowing nominees to easily link to the category in which they’d like to drum up some votes.
“Blogosphere changing…” Susan Harris, garden coach and blogger at GardenRant.com and Sustainable-Gardening.com
If you are involved with a garden-related company that would be interested in providing either financial support or prizes to the winning bloggers, please contact Colleen Vanderlinden at colleen {at} inthegardenonline.com . And if you have questions, those are welcome, too!

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