Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Preparation For Rain

Sometimes you can smell the rain before it comes. There's a pleasant spicy aroma that fills the air in the garden as if the plants are in anticipation. I don't know if you would call it ozone or ion, but the splashing of water is one of the most restorative sights and sounds. I think that's why we hike to waterfalls in Yosemite or risk sun poisoning by sitting the entire day on the beach.

I am looking forward to rain because there is grass seed strewn about in the back. And my potted plants, which came inside during the chill, need a thorough dowsing. I am also hoping that my gutter man will show up in time to route the gutter into my new rain barrel.

And I also like the rest it affords me. If it's raining, I won't be able to go out. And if I can't go out, maybe, I'll sleep in a little this weekend.

Every year, I've kept a rain journal in my garden books. I write down the day it rained and what sort of rain it was, light in the morning, steady all day, night-time soaker. In this way, I keep a mental calculation of whether or not, I need to supplement the plants with any additional moisture. Last year, we had a wonderful year of rains. They came consistently throughout the year every three or four days, so that I hardly ever had to water. And the garden up through July was self-sustaining. Someone has told me that we are certain to have a moist year ahead of us and that the February snows were just the beginning of it.

So I am ready for rain. The Putterer


  1. Hi, Beth. It was so nice to meet you at the FONA sale. Hope you enjoy the novel and hope our paths cross again. And glad we all got our rain!

    -Amy (Brecount White)

    author of FORGET-HER-NOTS

  2. Thanks Amy. I gave Patsy the book and she wants to read it. I love the idea and I'll read it too. It was great to meet you too. I got grabby at the sale and bought randomly and then had to think hard on where I would plant it all, but I got it all dug in. Now fingers crossed that they'll survive.