Saturday, April 3, 2010

Putter Perfect Day

Yesterday, I played hookie from work and made a perfect day. Patsy had a job this week doing community service at Brookside Gardens. She was working in the childrens' program each morning and I stayed home to drive her there and back and then went to work in the afternoons. By Friday, the transition from calm home to tense office was making me crazy and so I took the whole day off.

I met Patsy at Brookside with a picnic after her shift was over. Then, back at home we spruced up some old flower stands with some yellow and blue paint. And then Patsy made another garden rock. This is a trick I've used for years to amuse the kids and to brighten a dark corner. We take smooth, rounded river stones, wash them and dry them clean. And then we use airplane model paint to cover them with flowers and other designs. I have them all over the garden now dating to back to when the girls were quite young. Yesterday's new addition is a sophisticated rendering copied from some botanical prints in an old wild flower guidebook.

I also completed my path around the raised beds. I'd found branches and stones all over the neighborhood to line out the beds and then laid down a covering of weed fabric. Next, I put down a whole series of whimsical stepping stones that I'd found for cheap at Tuesday morning and then poured in gravel all around them. Admittedly, it looks a bit trailer park. But if it hadn't been for Jim, that might have been destiny, so I'm embracing my inner trashiness.

Blooms today: the peach tree, the viburnum, the daffodils of course, the forsythia, the wood poppy, and the Lenten rose.

Budding: the flowering crab apple and the dogwoods.

Today, it's a little overcast, but there's more puttering to pursue, so I'm off. The Putterer

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