Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Birthday for P

R wrote this lovely poem for P, on the occasion of her sweet 16 birthday.

If P were a pepper,
She'd be the hottest one.

If P were a pastry,
She'd be one delicious bun.

If P were a pancake,
She'd have chocolate chips galore.

And if P were a parchment,
She'd be Beethoven's first score.

If P were a popsicle,
There would never be a drip.

If P were a porpoise,
She'd give all the sharks the slip.

If P were a pachyderm,
She'd still be svelt and sleek.

And if P were a pickle,
She would certainly be sweet.

But this is all just crazy talk,
I'm sure you will agree.

Cause P--she's just P,
And that's how it ought to be!

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