Monday, June 29, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Daylily

The daylilies are on parade. It wouldn't be a Fourth of July celebration without their fabulous skirts flashing their sexy stamens at the sun-soaked sky. I have now more than a dozen varieties. This is Strutters Ball and she grows in two places in my garden, one near the footpath and another by the Harry Lauder Walking Stick. They break open in the morning, flash with a furious flourish all day long and collapse in exhaustion as soon as the sun sets. One day, 24 hours, for every lily. If I had just one day to live, I'd do it just like Lady daylily. I'd put on my best dress, fix my hair up right (yes, that's some Bruce, "Out on the Streets") and bring the world to my knees. The Putterer

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