Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peony Perfection

Peonies grow slow. And they're a little bit fussy. They like the right amount of sun. Good soil is important to them. They're vulnerable to disease. And they cost more than the other flowers at the nursery. So to grow a peony takes time and patience. I started my garden with two. They both succumbed that year to some sort of invasive bacteria. I dug them out at the end of the season and pitched them. The loss cost me dearly. I think the two plants together were about $50. The next spring, I bought just one. She did okay that season. But her bloom was too heavy for her stem. And, as I recall, she only gave up one or two blooms. Rain wore her down and she wasn't strong enough and I had to tie her to the fence for support. Well several seasons later, I had paid her little attention. Other plants to plant and plots to plan. She came and she went. I think one season, I was away and missed her blooms. They happen over a matter of days. Well this spring, she apparently had had enough of my near negligence. About two dozen blooms formed in the early April days. Every time I walked by her post at the gate, an anticipation began to build in my gardening soul. My peony had, at last, grown to her full mature potential. And she had something to say. When at last her blooms appeared, I was stunned by her magnificence. I didn't have to tie her up to give her strength, she held her own. The Putterer

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  1. I don't think there is ANY flower more beautiful than a peony. Only wish they bloomed longer and had repeat blooms. Plant breeders should get on the stick and start making longer-season peonies. We peony lovers are so neglected!