Friday, June 12, 2009

Mothers, We're All the Same

A mother house wren is busily tending her children in my bird house. She took up residence last year and returned again this year. I got the bird house at Value Village--a cutsy, handpainted relic that I found in a bargain bin. Mother wren goes in and out the window. She arrives with a morsel in her mouth, and perches look-out on the rooftop. After scanning the horizon for the evil catbird, than quick as lightening, disappears into the house. I can hear her offspring frantically calling for their portion of the prize. Then she's off again in search of more. Last weekend, I tried to get a picture of her perched on the house, but I really pissed her off. She and her mate took up position in opposite bushes and just chewed me out with a fury that I could only admire. I mean, I totally get that. You mess with my kids and you'll rue the day. The Putterer

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