Monday, June 15, 2009

Spirits in the Night

Crazy Daisy and her mission man were back in the alley tradin' hands
'long came Wild Billy with his friend G-man all duded up for Saturday night. (This is the Putterer's favorite Bruce song.)

I bought Crazy Daisy from Bluestone Perennials early this spring. She's planted in three places around the front yard. Two in front of the fence and one behind (near the gazing ball). And her mission man is a beautiful Japanese Iris that I bought the first season of my garden.

The summer surge is about to begin. The hydrangeas are all at the ready. The oak-leaf is looking majestic. I trimmed back the other bushes to give it some space. The progensis was overgrown and looking more like a Dr. Seuss character than an elegant bush, so I topped it off. I'm not the most gentle of horticulturalists. It's looking a little mauled at the moment.

The cone flowers have hints of pink in their buds. The old fashioned daylilies (Kwanzo) are in glorious orange. They all lean in the same direction, following the sun's rays through the day. The back bank is crushed by their numbers. One day, I should probably thin them out and spread them all around the neighborhood. The elite daylilies are blooming or just about to. The purple-throated Moonlight Masquerade was the first to appear this past Saturday. I have eleven now and their names are worthy of a poem: Strawberry Candy (by the old birdfeeder in the front yard); buttered popcorn (next to the St. John's Wort in the back); Elegant Candy (grows under 16 Candles in the back); Moonlight Masquerade (by the black-stem hydrangea); Mini Pearl (by the back steps); Lady Rebecca Staunton (near the tomatoes); Stella D'Oro (front fence and in the back); an unknown yellow (transferred from Kate's yard and in the front); two Strutter's Balls (in the back); Spanish Glow (by the front fence) and Sue Raurbach (in the thyme out back).

Enough garden reverie. It's off to my day job. The Putterer

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